Complete VLC Shortcut Keys List

VLC is not only one of the most useful and powerful media players out there, it is also one of the easiest to use. The list below includes everything you need to know about keyboard shortcuts that will make your life so much easier while using the program.
[M] Mute On/Off
[Ctrl] + [Up arrow] Turn Volume up
[Ctrl] + [Down arrow] Turn Volume Down
[Ctrl] + [Up arrow] Volume Up
[Ctrl] + [Down arrow] Volume Down
[Ctrl] + [H] Subtitle Delay Up
[Ctrl] + [J] Subtitle Delay Down
[T] Show time Played/time left
[Ctrl] + [Q] Quit program
[F] Full screen mode
[Ctrl] + [P] Playlist
[Ctrl] + [M] Messages
[Ctrl] + [I] Stream and Media info
[Ctrl] + [A] Open capture device
[Ctrl] + [W] Streaming and Transport Wizard
[Ctrl] + [X] / [Ctrl] + [Q] Exit
[Ctrl] + [V] VLM control
[Ctrl] + [G] Extended GUI
[Ctrl] + [B] Bookmarks
[Ctrl] + [S] Preferences
[F] Fullscreen
[+] Play faster
[-] Play slower
[Space] Play/pause
[S] Stop
[N] Next entry in playlist
[F] Full screen
[Ctrl] + [O] Quick open file
[Ctrl] + [O] Open directory
[Ctrl] + [D] Open disk
[Ctrl] + [N] Open network stream
[N] Next item
[P] Previous item
[Shift] + [Left Arrow] Very Short Backwards jump
[Shift] + [Right Arrow] Very Short Forward jump
[Alt] + [Left arrow] Backwards jump
[Alt] + [Right arrow] Forward jump
[Ctrl] + [Left arrow] Medium backwards jump
[Ctrl] + [Right arrow] Medium forward jump
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Left arrow] Long backwards jump
[Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Right Arrow] Long Forward jump
[Enter] Active
[Ctrl] + [M] Go to DVD menu
[Ctrl] + [P] Selected previous DVD title
[Ctrl] + [F] Selected next DVD title
[Ctrl] + [U] Selected previous DVD chapter
[Ctrl] + [D] Selected Next DVD Chapter